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Organized Beautifully

Whole House Organizing often requires many hours of decluttering

Getting organized for most people who hire us requires editing, decluttering and releasing items that no longer serve them. We simply have too much stuff to get and stay organized. It’s not easy to make those decisions and we understand that.

Connect with a charity that speaks to you and donate items that will help others. I collected these very nice purses from two different whole house organizing projects. They will be auctioned off at Professional Women’s Roundtable in Temecula, CA and the money will go to scholarships for senior girls going to college.

In total, these two whole house organizing projects required 16 carloads of items similar to the photo shown here to be donated in order to clear the space. Once the unused items were donated, we could then organize the space beautifully and usefully! And, please don’t stash everything in the garage, because that will become unsafe. More on that later… we do lots of garages!

What’s your goal? These clients can now entertain in their homes. It is with great satisfaction that we drive one carload of our clients’ donations to charity at the end of each session.


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