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What is Your Organization Style?

There are Six Organizing Personality Styles – you’re a unique combination.  Which of the following styles sound most like you?



You are very organized. You have no idea why others find it difficult.

Strengths: Keeping others on deadline, focusing.

Tip: Embrace technology – you’re a natural for it. You might benefit by trying to do less; not more.



You keep things out, visible yet organized. Color-coding and see-through are your methods.

Strengths: Communicating ideas, presentations.

Tip: Use pretty organizing tools such as wooden boxes and for your files use colored file folders.



You have a small basket of “action” items on your desk, and need to be in the right mood to act.

Strengths: Brainstorming, resourceful, always open to new ideas.

Tip: Keep a Journal as you have abundant ideas and capitalize on your energy level.

Thalia Poulos - organized beautifully and timeplanners organizing personality type - stacker


You’d rather stack than file; it gives you more flexibility.

Strengths: Shifting priorities, juggling projects, flexible.

Tip: Invest in sorters that enable you to “go vertical” with file folders.



Your desk makes perfect sense to only you. You’re fast at everything, have a great memory.

Strengths: Decision-maker, action-oriented, motivate others.

Tip: Surround yourself with a detail person. Use open, vertical shelving systems like cubes or hooks. Rituals are your best ally.

Thalia Poulos - organized beautifully and timeplanners organizing personality type - historian - Copy


Historians range from extremely organized to not at all!

Strengths: Historical perspective, willing to dig for answers.

Tip: Invest in a scanning tool that will help you eliminate the hard copies that may take over your life. Every quarter, take the purge plunge, and give things away to your favorite charity. Do not go to garage sales.


  • Almost everyone has more than one style in their organizing personality makeup
  • Our brains are all wired differently
  • If you know your style, you can get organized in such a way that you can stay organized — because the system will make sense to you!