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What is a Professional Organizer?

Born to Organize

Professional Organizer Thalia Poulos – Born to Organize

A professional organizer is someone who helps others who feel overwhelmed about organizing create a harmonious environment. We are their road maps, guides, and support systems during the rewarding (and sometimes challenging) process of organizing a space.

I developed my own coaching system based on The Six Organizing Personality Styles. By helping clients identify their strengths, I build and tailor an organizing system and process that is encouraging and successful. Not only will they get organized; they will stay organized because the system works the way their brain is wired! It’s a very spiritual and holistic approach.

Do you have lots of DIY books about how to get organized on your shelves and wonder why you haven’t succeeded yet? You are not alone! Contact me and I will help you create an organized space you will enjoy every day!

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Thalia Poulos