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Thalia’s 7 Holiday Decoration Organization Tips to start today

We all know that holiday decorations can easily pile up over the years and become out of control when it comes to storage. The holidays are meant to be a time of happiness and cheer, yet we often find ourselves in despair as we toil through our decorations looking for the few items that are our favorites.

It is time to make the holidays less about clutter and more about enjoying the season with our loved ones and improving our wellbeing. Just think of all the items you have been holding onto, but never used, that someone else may love to display in their home.

Here are my 7 Holiday Decoration Organizing tips that I recommend to start on BEFORE the holidays even begin. The earlier you start before the holidays, the more time you can spend actually enjoying the holidays!

1. Always purge first. Donate way before the holidays (not after) so others can buy and enjoy the items. The less clutter and duplication the better.

Sterilite 66 qt. bin

Sterilite 66 qt. bin

2. Use bins such as Sterilite 66 qt. with latching lids. If moisture is a problem, use the bins that are water-proof. These bins can be purchased at major stores like Target, Wal Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

3. Label bins on both long and short ends. I like plastic sleeves from Cardinal Hold-it. That way you can turn the bin in either direction and still see the label.

Overhead garage racks

Overhead garage racks. Source:

4. Go vertical to store and easily access all items:

– Overhead garage racks are super.


– Using large shelving like wire shelving racks on wheels from Costco. Trinity brand is great. (You may need to forego the wheels and attach shelving to the walls for safety.)

Space Saver vacuum bag

Space Saver vacuum bags.

5. Use vaccuum bags for blankets and other oversized, soft items. This protects from the elements and creatures. My favorite brand is “Space Saver” with lifetime warranty.

6. Holiday wrapping paper. Whenever possible, reuse and recycle. Yes, they look beautiful, however at our home we use gift bags and at the end of the celebration I put them in the gift closet for next year. And I keep gift bags separated for holidays v. birthdays.

7. Enjoy the holiday season and when it winds down you’ll easily be able to pack it all up because you now have a place for everything.

I am happy to meet with you to help you make the best of your holiday decoration organization project. Contact me today by calling 760-519-9975.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels

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