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Spring Cleaning – Tips and Products to Organize and Declutter Your Garage or Basement

Lisa putting together a Stainless Steel Shelving Unit from Home Depot. We always add the optional industrial casters.

Lisa putting together a Stainless Steel Shelving Unit from Home Depot. We always add the optional industrial casters.

If you like to keep a lot of stuff in your garage or basement, design your space to mimic your favorite store set-up (think Target combined with Home Depot).

They have spent lots of money figuring out how to group things — so don’t reinvent the wheel. That’s where your own garage design comes in.

The first thing you need is vertical storage and Stainless Steel Shelving on wheels are great for grouping like-kind items and maximizing space.  I used to use Metro Shelving as it’s the highest quality and holds the most weight.  Most people don’t need to spend that much money and can easily use another brand. All the big box stores sell them. Buy the optional industrial casters/wheels for flexibility of placement.  For the largest shelving unit, prices will range from $70  to $120 including wheels.


For smaller items, group into Sterilite tubs and hand print contents onto index card-size cardstock in large black marker and tape onto the ends (not lids).  I start most clients out with about 20 bins.  Latching lids cost more and are more sturdy.  With some clients I’ve bought over 400 Sterilite Bins per project, and we opted to go the less expensive mode as the items were going into deep storage in lockers.  Stainless Steel Shelving in storage lockers are also excellent — they optimize your space, make items easy to see/retrieve and maximize your investment.




Much as I love P-Touch labelers, the plastic strip labels will “get lost” on large containers so save those for smaller bins and smaller projects.

For grouping items, your groups might include:

Tools, sports equipment, plumbing, electrical stuff, paint, lawn and garden, camping, memorabilia, projects-by-project, furniture, etc.

Set up Stainless Steel shelving.  Once you get the hang of it the process of building the unit takes 20 minutes apiece.  I do them by myself, but it’s so much easier when you have a helper!

Be sure the shelf heights are correct for the size Sterilite bins you buy, because they’re not easy to readjust shelf heights, though possible with a rubber mallet.

Happy Organizing and now you have room to park your cars in your garage.






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