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Scan those Business Cards – Gadget or App?

Who doesn’t love a good gadget that does what it says it will do?

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If you want a simple system to scan all those hundreds of business cards you have all over your desk, in your pockets after a trade show, Networking and other business events, I recommend that you try WorldCard Pro by PenPower.

It just depends on your goal.  If you want to scan everything into Outlook it works great.

I bought the WorldCard Pro and it does what is says it will do.  When you read their overview and if it sounds like it’s what you need, go for it.  However, I needed more.  I needed a manageable data entry system that could move easily and smoothly between WorldCard Pro to Outlook to Gmail and more.  For my desired result here’s the overview of what I have to do:

Step-by-Step (and it’s not pretty):  Scan- Edit- Select contact to update/export- File- Export- VCard- etc.

If that seems like way too much of a hassle, and you need more of a full-fledged Contact Management System, then think twice about buying the WorldCard Pro.

However, as far as the benefits of WorldCard Pro, there are many!  I like its speed, accuracy and having photos and logos of scanned cards.  (Visuals will really appreciate that).  I like to group contacts and they make it very easy.  I also appreciate that they actually answer their phone and talked to me about what I’m trying to achieve. They weren’t able to give me the solution I wanted, but how many companies answer their phone with a live tech anymore?

I decided to buy their Droid App so I’d have a basis of comparison for my clients who were on the fence about buying a card scanner.  The Droid App is really good, so if you don’t have many cards and like Apps, I recommend their App.  And, even if you buy the WorldCard Pro scanner, the App is so well-priced, (about $5.00 – $6.00) I’d go for it as well, especially if you’re a business traveler.






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