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Now that I Have a Place for Everything How do I Keep it that Way?

The big question people ask during presentations or one-on-one is “I got Organized — now, how do I keep it this way”?

Use the right organizing products

Select the right organizing products for your project. That will help you maintain your system.

After we declutter, donate, organize with great products, go vertical and create systems, my clients sometimes tell me…

“I’ve been here before – and then it falls apart and I’m back where I started. How can I maintain this?”

A few dos and don’ts:

Remember – you now have a place for everything


  • Do slow down
  • Do take the time to maintain your organized space daily
  • Do create the body ritual habit of putting things back where you got them
  • Do continually donate and monitor your buying patterns
  • Do give yourself kudos for your progress


  • Don’t use the floor as a dumping ground
  • Don’t use Pinterest perfect as your standard

Spend 15 minutes per day maintaining your system. Love your system and it will love you back!

Enjoy your living space

Take time every day to enjoy your space

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