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Organized Beautifully

Make an “Aggravation List” as you walk through your home. Then get organized and decide what to do about it.

Many years ago a colleague of mine came to my house to help me create an Aggravation List — anything that bothered me about my home.

Then, as we did the walk-through, we addressed what to do about each issue.


Boring and the look of it just aggravated me.


It’s part of self-care.
I use this walk-through method with my organizing clients today.
Painting furniture is my hobby.
I used a painting technique called “Frenchwash” to update this bedroom set. The old pine wood look was aggravating me and I didn’t quite know why.
Make a list of things that aggravate you and create a checklist of actions to remedy the situation(s).
Go about fixing, refurbishing step-by-step in an organized way.
Pul out all the tools and products you need up front and enjoy the process!
I’ve helped lots of clients repurpose their old furniture and it’s always lots of fun.

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