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Junk Drawer Easy Organizing Tips

The Junk Drawer serves a very useful purpose — as long as you just have one.  It’s where you can quickly stash everyday items like scissors, rubber bands, batteries or the dog brush.  The trick is having its contents grouped and at your fingertips.  Here’s an organized kitchen junk drawer.   The tools and scissors seem necessary in today’s world where trying to open anything “packaged” in molded plastic takes tools, skill, dexterity and patience!

Useful organizing products:  The yellow drawer dividers keep everything from becoming jumbled.  It groups like-kind items.  And, this helps the items from spilling out over the top, eventually preventing the drawer from closing.

Organizing Tip:  Before stashing something in your junk drawer ask yourself these questions:

  • “Will I really ever need or use this item?”   If the answer’s “no”, recycle immediately.
  • “Do I have another place where these types of things really go (like in my office)?”   If the answer’s yes, put it away in the right place now (don’t leave it in a stack on the kitchen counter).
  • You probably don’t need a Professional Organizer to help you transform your junk drawer. With the right mind-set and drawer dividers, set aside one hour, promise to focus on the project and do it yourself!
  • The process of Getting Organized and seeing the positive results releases endorphins and makes you feel good about yourself.
Junk Drawer Tips - DSC00564 (6)

AFTER — Organized Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer Tips - DSC00564 (3)

BEFORE — Cluttered and Jumbled Junk Drawer — I know it’s here somewhere


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