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It Takes a Village — Professional Women’s Roundtable is that Village

PWR Showcase Speakers

PWR Showcase Speakers Tracy Blanscet and Selina Steele

As a member of PWR, my favorite monthly meetings are Member Showcases.  That’s when two members stand up bravely in front of the group and go into depth about what they do, how they got here, and more importantly who they are.

Last meeting I had the pleasure of hearing and seeing Tracy Blanscet of My Murrieta Magazine tell her story.  We all have stories – and every one of us had a circuitous path that led us into that room of women.  Women weave life tapestries together in groups that become villages and I love being part of the PWR Village.  We are all connected and My Murrieta Magazine is about organizing communities by introducing people to their neighbors through the magazine’s content.  It’s a brilliant concept and the magazine is organized beautifully.  What a wonderful way to create villages, isn’t it?

Our second member speaker was Selina Steele, whom I refer to as “The Holistic Lawyer”.  She asked me why I call her holistic.  Because she sees her clients as people; seeing their humanity and way past the depths of their legal needs.  She is a very caring person and is so passionate about helping people.  Her fascinating story of how she ended up going to law school — later in life — is so inspiring.

Inspiring – that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about how these two women took the microphone and opened up to a very encouraging crowd.

We are a business network group unlike any other of which I’ve been a part.  It’s so much more than networking – it’s about helping young women, encouragement, inspiration and organizing the community to be its best.  Weaving new tapestries and evolving our Village.


Joan Sparkman -- The Master of creating possibilities and building Villages.

Joan Sparkman — The Master of creating possibilities and building Villages.

Our Joan Sparkman pearl for the day was, “This too Shall Pass”.  Joan helped us see something in this  four-word statement — reminding us that the happy times and happy events in life will also pass;  and, this makes us stronger to handle times when we are going through troubled waters.


Thalia and Selina -- a beautiful day in Temecula.

Thalia and Selina — a beautiful day in Temecula.

I am grateful for being part of this collective of women and enjoy each meeting.

And, yes, this too shall pass.


Thalia Poulos is a Professional Organizer of Homes and Offices working in Temecula, San Diego, and Chicago.  She delights in helping her clients create their Personal Sanctuary while becoming Organized Beautifully.




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