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It Takes a Village – Hera Hub Coworking Center Opens in Carlsbad


Hera Hub Carlsbad with Felena Hanson Thalia Poulos Professional Organizer Organized Beautifully Time Planners  DSC00668 (14) (7) (3) (5)

Felena Hanson really knows how to organize and plan a party!   Hera Hub, Carlsbad, CA


Hera Hub is Felena Hanson’s creation — bringing coworking to a new level.  And, we now have Hera Hub in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.  The location alone surely elevates one’s creativity to new heights. The offices are organized beautifully — elegant and functional.

I attended the 2-year anniversary bash on August . It was a celebration of the opening of Hera Hub’s first location in San Diego combined with the formal opening of the Carlsbad location. There were hundreds of business women there who were networking, having a blast, enjoying the company, food, wine, and Culinary Wizard’s excellent cookies.  Plus don’t forget the band, the neighbors, current members of Hera Hub from all three locations.


Hera Hub Carlsbad  Thalia Poulos Professional Organizer Organized Beautifully Time Planners  DSC00668 (14) (7) (3)

You’ll love the artwork too!

As a Professional Organizer I know (and what woman doesn’t) how much organization, planning, and time it takes to put on a great party like that!  Great delegation and time planning are a must. And, of course, having the right crew.  Kudos to Catherine Mobary Lorenz for being our personal guide and  hostess for the evening.  No one wanted to leave.  And, you must check out the gorgeous bathroom.

I am reminded that “it takes a village” not only to raise a child as referenced by the African proverb, but for most anything to be successful.  The idea of coworking also takes me back to that phrase – it takes a village.  I can easily see how every business woman would like to join the Hera Hub village.  Strength in numbers and feeling like you’re a part of something larger.

The coworking concept is a wonderful way for women to collaborate, socialize, mentor, manage our time effectively, learn and teach.  For many of us solo entrepreneurs the coworking concept is a beautiful lifeline that gets our juices flowing.  Felena’s going to franchise her concept and knowing her track record it will be a huge success.  Felena Hanson is a force of nature.

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