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Is “Virtual Organizing” a good fit for you? The answer is Yes for many people!

Virtual Organizing is becoming more popular every day. I provide the plan, strategies, products and know how; you do the hands-on work.
It is for the client who is energetic, focused, physically able, and has a DIY mentality.

As a Virtual Organizer, I will guide you to declutter and organize your space.
– Scheduling is much more flexible and there is only a 2-hour minimum.

– Because you do the hands-on work yourself, price is much less than cost of a regular on-site organizer sessions.

– Privacy for those who prefer not having someone in their home, yet still having a Professional Organizer to guide you through the process.


AFTER – Items grouped by “like-kind”, containerized, labeled with lesser used items on high shelf.

BEFORE – Jumbled and out of date items.

Virtual Organizing via Phone and Email Professional Organizing:
– Review of photos provided by client via text or email.
– Live communication and recommendations while client does hands-on organizing.
– Include emails for step-by-step client implementation and simple “homework” if client prefers doing the work off-line.
– Emails to and from Organizer, including reviews of project, summary and accountability.
(Client to provide all supplies and products)

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