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Organized Beautifully

How to Work with a Professional Organizer – Case Study

Thalia Poulos Professional Organizer and client creating an action plan organized beautifully - IMG_1546

Thalia Poulos Professional Organizer and client creating an action plan

Case Study:  How do you begin working with a Professional Organizer?  Where do we start?

Here’s a case study where the client is an artist.  Join us and I’ll take you with us every step of the way!

1.   It begins with us speaking over the phone and you sending me photos of your “problem” areas.  Some clients are quite organized in one area of their lives — for example, they have a methodical system for their clothes, yet feel out of control in their kitchen, garage or office.

2.   Next, we get together for our “walk-about” in the space, whether it’s your home or office.

3.   We determine your Organizing Personality Style — understanding your organizing type is key to designing the best systems for you to feel comfortable in your space.  And, it enables you to naturally maintain your organizing system.

Visual - Organizing Personality Type Thalia Poulos professional organizer, organized beautifully visual organizing type

People with Visual organizing personality type are inspired by their space — that’s why it needs to look organized beautifully!

There are Six Organizing Personality Styles and we are all combinations.

This client’s Organizing Style is the Visual.  If you are a Visual you get inspiration from the way your space looks, so it needs to be harmonious and attractive!

4.   Our last step on the first meeting is to put together a plan, order the supplies and set up our next “hands-on” meeting.


Organizing is a means to an end — it’s not an end unto itself.  Many people who feel they’re disorganized are super busy — and, having an organized system will help them feel great about how they’re living their lives.

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