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Moving forward in organizing means understanding your personal organizing style. I welcome you to preview my published book “From Disorganized to Organized Beautifully” which can also be purchased on

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Thalia-Poulos-Health-Coach_SmallerMy name is Thalia Poulos and I have been a spiritual professional organizer for 20 years. I help people organize their space room by room to create harmony, efficiency and serenity. The result of this organizing process is that they feel energized from the moment they wake up in their beautifully organized bedroom until the moment they retire in the evening. Click the button below to learn more about how I can help you organize your life!

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Organizing in Your Own Way

From Disorganized to Organized Beautifully

From Disorganized to Organized Beautifully

Everyone has a unique style of organizing that fits their personality! Buy my book to find out your organization style and get tips on how you can get organized and stay organized!

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