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Organized Beautifully

Get Organized based on Your Organizing Personality Style — Become “Organized Beautifully” for Life

There are Six Organizing Personality Styles.  Each Organizing Style has many strengths.

Learn your Organizing Style and get organized in a way that you can stay organized.

The Triangle Organizing Personality Style

Triangle - Organzing Personality Type

Triangle – Organizing Personality Style — Intuitively very organized.

Your Organizing Style is intuitively very organized. Triangles are natural organizers, left brains thinkers, good memories, and very focused.

Some people are Triangles in one part of their lives; yet in other parts they can be quite different.  Triangles do best when everything is in its place; and that “place” is behind closed cabinet doors.  If they own collections, they are lined up in a linear fashion.  Triangles embrace the latest technology that helps them be more efficient and effective.  They love systems.

Triangles Like:

Closets with hangers that all match, grouping ensembles together.

Kitchen with closed systems like cabinets with doors, rather than open pantries.

File cabinets with hanging files.

Desk Scanning software to eliminate files altogether.








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