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Why Everyone Needs a Personal Sanctuary in their Home

My Personal Sanctuary has good light, beautiful artwork and a side table that begs for a teapot containing my favorite herbal tea.

Personal Sanctuary

When I organize a client I help them determine where they want to carve out a space in their home destined to be their Personal Sanctuary.  Where they can go to decompress, think, read, write in their journal or become more energized — whatever they need.  Some people use this space early in the morning — others gravitate to it before going to bed.  A physical area that speaks to you will help you feel good about yourself — and that’s what everyone needs every single day.

Whether it’s surrounding yourself with books, art, or your pets, your Personal Sanctuary can be your lifeline to good health, positive thoughts, deep breaths and put a genuine smile on your face.

Learn more about why you should have a personal sanctuary in your home by watching the video below!

 Every Home Needs a Personal Sanctuary – Organized Beautifully 

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