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Organized Beautifully

Declutter — Donate Today to Organize Easier Tomorrow



Donate things you’ll never use — that helps you clear the space to organize and access things you will use.

Why do we keep things we’ll never use?  As a Professional Organizer I have heard so many reasons!  Here are just a few:

  1. I will use it some day
  2. I will get it fixed
  3. It was expensive
  4. I’m going to sell it on Craigslist
  5. It has sentimental value


The “List” goes on and on.

 If you want your home to be your Personal Sanctuary,

be prepared to give stuff away.

Here’s a photo of some building materials my client gave me to donate to Habitat for Humanity.  Many people don’t know that Habitat for Humanity also accepts items like furniture and books.

And, I am adding an item of my own to the heap:  It was in my garage, I confess.  It’s a book I’m horrified to admit I bought — let alone read.   Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands — Eesh!  What was I thinking??  Did I really ever buy this book? Did I read it?  Maybe someone gave it to me.   Dr. Laura Schlessinger?  She and I have about nothing in common.  Happy to see it was 30% off.


When did I buy this book? Maybe someone gave it to me as a gift? I hope whoever buys it from Habitat for Humanity gets some good tips.

When you know your unused stuff will benefit someone else, it makes it so much easier to part with — doesn’t it?


To be Organized Beautifully — Donate unused items to clear the space for things you really use.

Find a charity that resonates with you and it will be so much easier to give your excess stuff away.  And, please — no rush to fill up those newly empty shelves in your garage!

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