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Desperation Make-up: What I learned about the Hail Mary Pass at Notre Dame and applied to my Face

When I lived in Chicago, I used to go to college football games — from University of Wisconsin to Northwestern to Notre Dame.  It was at Notre Dame that I learned about the Hail Mary Pass (and the Touch-down Jesus!)  These terms are not meant to be politically incorrect religious remarks at all.  The idea of the Hail Mary pass is (sort-of) to “go for it”.

What do football and make-up have in common?  I always keep a “Hail Mary” make-up kit in my car for emergencies.  I recommend it!  So, Gals, I think we all need a “Hail Mary” make-up kit in our cars for those instances when we find ourselves — for some unknown reason — bare-faced while on the way to meet the public.

 Let’s say you have a fab’ chance to “go for it” and don’t have time to go home and do full hair and make-up.

[Note: This would never happen to the “Triangle” organizing style who’s totally organized, but for the rest of the organizing personalities, it’s a real possibility.]
Hail Mary Make-up for your car  DSC00433

Hail Mary kit — Keep it in your car — you never know when you’ll need it and it hardly takes up any space.

Keep in your glove box:  Small all-in-one eye shadow kit plus deep shade of lipstick (expect the lipstick to melt):

  • Use for eye liner – eye shadow – eyebrows
  • Lipstick for lips – tiny bit on your cheeks for color

Never apply make-up while driving.  Be safe; pull into the parking lot, apply make-up, take a deep breath and “go for it”.

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You never know when a great opportunity will present itself. The “Hail Mary” make-up kit in your car is guaranteed to come to your rescue.

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