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Desperately Organized Closet Tip – MacGyver until the Professional Organizer Arrives

As a professional organizer I’ve seen many MacGyver systems and I happen to love Angus MacGyver ( I’m an inventor myself). Here’s one that works right after you move into your new place and want a sense of organization but cannot afford anything extra until next month.

Desperate to be organized until your Professional Organizer arrives? Here is a fast, cheap, creative way to get the job done.


Although I cannot sanction the look of this desperately organized closet, it is ingenious and free. Use empty moving boxes and turn them so the bottom of the boxes are against the back wall of an unused hall closet (works in California!)

Creating this “vertical” storage space where everything’s visible and accessible was done for free and will work temporarily. Not exactly how a professional organizer would do it — but it’s ingenious and it works! Gotta’ love MacGyvers! Thalia

When you get settled in to your new home, call in the Professional Organizer to recommend a safer, prettier solution!

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