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Organized Beautifully

HP Sprocket labels to the rescue!

Cubbies Organize Children’s Toys

BEFORE - Here's what happens when there are too many toys.

This client had a good system (the cubbies); however, the children never put anything away. The parent faced this chaos on the floor daily.

This busy parent was feeling hopeless even though she already had a great idea with the cubbies. First we did a “discard and donate”. Then we collaborated to use the cubbies better.

Steps to Organize Toys
1. Discard and Donate. “When you bring in 1 new; release 2” (your new mantra).
2. Group like-kind.
3. Use cubbies, colored bins and labels that identify contents. (Toy chests create blockages).
We took photos of the contents; then used her HP Sprocket to print out photo labels. It worked out great.
4. Get the children involved by making it a game.


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