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Closet Organization


Thalia’s goal is to make your closet look and feel like your own boutique.

An organized closet can make all the difference in the success of your day as well as saving time. Selecting the best outfit or suit with ease is a primary step in feeling confident and prepared for any event or even being at home to greet guests.

Stress is unavoidable (we’ve all been there!) when a particular garment or pair of shoes cannot be found especially when you had set your mind on what you would be wearing hours or even days in advance. We may resort to tearing the closet apart looking for one item and creating hours of work to later put the closet back in order. Not to mention the feeling of being prepared diminishes significantly.

Having an organized closet is important to having a fresh clean start to your day and knowing you feel amazing inside and out when presenting yourself. Quickly finding what you need gives you time to sit back as you get ready and feel emotionally prepared which will later show through your smile, posture and voice.

Closets are also used for storage and can become a “black hole” when no organization system is put in place. When an organizing strategy implemented by Thalia is used, you will quickly find items you need and feel confident in approaching your closet. Additionally, you will utilize the maximum amount of space to ensure no space is wasted.

One of the most important factors is pulling clothes that no longer make you feel great.

Discard, donate and maybe even consign are part of the process — leaving space in your closet and drawers for only the clothes that make you look and feel your best.

We can even shoot photos on your Smart Phone of how you want to put together outfits to make your clothing selection easier.

Thalia will assist in organizing these parts of your closet:
– Hanger rods
– Shoe placement
– Attractive and elegant bins
– Built-in closet drawers
– Adding vertical shelf dividers for purses
– Adding horizontal shelves to maximize space
– Selection of best types of hangers

Thalia services Temecula, Rainbow, Fallbrook, Encinitas, Carlsbad.

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