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Five Kick-Starting Tips to Start De-cluttering

  Your clutter is a daily message to yourself, “I am overwhelmed”. What’s your vision for your space? Ready to de-clutter and simplify, but not sure where to begin? Many people know in their hearts that living a de-cluttered life will help them spend more time on things that are truly important to them. They […]

Clever Stand-up Desk works great for many! Just stash the Stilettos.

  Love the idea of a stand-up desk? I had one for many years myself. Mine was made with Metro Shelving on wheels and I’ve since lowered it to become a sit-down desk.  We change! Here’s a great concept an attorney colleague of mine created by adding an Ikea coffee table on top of her […]

Scan those Business Cards – Gadget or App?

Who doesn’t love a good gadget that does what it says it will do? If you want a simple system to scan all those hundreds of business cards you have all over your desk, in your pockets after a trade show, Networking and other business events, I recommend that you try WorldCard Pro by PenPower. […]

Office “Eye Candy” for Women — How to Organize Your Office Beautifully!

No matter what your Organizing Personality Style, your office decor can inspire you.  It brightens up your day to see beautiful things in your office. There are perfect products for you whether you’re a Triangle, Visual, Round, Stacker or other style. Some companies are catering to women who love to be organized beautifully; rather than […]

The Mobile Office – Then and Now

This Mobile Office Vehicle (MOV) was considered innovative about 15 years ago! Even the Chicago radio station asked us drive over there so they could send a reporter out to check us out. The stylist insisted I carry a golf club to help get across the point that this mobile office would allow the user […]

Best Professional Organizing Tip — Go Vertical — Even in your Garden

  Going vertical is my favorite way to organize any space. What do I mean by “going vertical?”  Some ways to go vertical are to use shelving, cubbies and hooks.  Use the air space instead of the flat space in your home and office — and, in your garden! You can pretty much never have too […]

It Takes a Village – Hera Hub Coworking Center Opens in Carlsbad

    Hera Hub is Felena Hanson’s creation — bringing coworking to a new level.  And, we now have Hera Hub in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.  The location alone surely elevates one’s creativity to new heights. The offices are organized beautifully — elegant and functional. I attended the 2-year anniversary bash on August . It was […]

Habitat for Humanity – Temecula Office Make-over

    Organized Beautifully make-over at Habitat for Humanity in Temecula by Professional Organizer, Thalia Poulos. In the thriving community of Temecula, known as southern California’s wine country, is the office of Habitat for Humanity and its ReStore where items are accepted as donations and resold to help fund Habitat’s many housing programs. Referencing an […]

Make your office inviting so you enjoy working in the space, and can get your hands on things when you need them.

Organized and Beautiful – Home Office Make-Over on a Thrift Store Budget

Home Office Desk Top =        work space; not storage space What this Home Office needs: drawer, file cabinet, book case, storage closet   Some people do fine working from their couch or in a virtual office surrounding like Starbucks.  For those of you who like a traditional office environment, here’s how to get it! […]

Pretty and Practical Organizing Products for Every Organizing Personality Style

  You’ll be more likely to get and stay organized if you use products you enjoy.  This grouping has something for everyone. Desk and Paperwork:  If you’re a Triangle use hanging files with tabs — unless  you’ve already scanned and gone paperless. Visuals will like pretty boxes, vibrant colors  or acrylic storage for their jewelry. […]

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