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Bedroom Organization

Your bedroom is your Personal Sanctuary. It is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before sleeping. It sets the stage for your day. Much of life dwells in the bedroom. Young bedroom dwellers may read books, write, play with toys and do homework while older dwellers may meditate, exercise, read or partake in intimacy. All of these activities are wonderful unless distraction occurs due to a disorganized bedroom.

Although a stack of papers in the corner or a small pile of clothes shoved under the bed may seem like simple matters to deal with, they can actually become lingering distractions in the back of the mind that interfere with your bedroom activities. It is ideal that even small inconsistencies in the room are dealt with so the mind can be at ease and work in clarity. Let’s not forget how much better we sleep when we feel more connected to the bedroom.

Thalia will observe your lifestyle and activities to make recommendations to organize your bedroom to meet your needs and eliminate distractions. She is knowledgeable of furniture pieces and tools that can help you maintain a clean and harmonious bedroom at all times.

Thalia will assist in organizing these parts of your bedroom:
– Bedroom dresser
– Bedroom nightstands
– Bedroom shelves
– Bedroom furniture
– Bedroom armoire

Thalia services Temecula, Rainbow, Fallbrook, Encinitas, Carlsbad.

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