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How to Turn a Bookcase Sideways to create a Beautiful Faux Finish Media Center

If you love repurposing furniture, here’s a fun and simple way to take a tall bookcase and give it a new life as a TV stand. 0 Comments

Posted by Thalia Poulos on Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 1:13 am in BEAUTIFULLY ORGANIZED HOME

3-Day Easy Declutter Challenge – 3 Appointments – 3 Easy Categories

Would you like a little boost to help you declutter your family room?  Then, please take my Organized Beautifully 3-Day Declutter Challenge. Schedule 5 minutes with yourself for 3 days in a row.  Make an appointment with yourself. Day 1:  Toss 5 items — put in trash can outside; Day 2:  Donate 5 items — […]

Repurpose an old drawer — it’s a cool storage shelf

Here’s a really cute way to create a one-of-a-kind shelf. Use an old drawer from a castaway dresser — one with lots of character.  The older, the funkier, the better. Turn it upright, putting the drawer face at the top ( facing the ceiling), fasten it to the wall with drywall screws.   Touch up […]

Beautiful Entryway in a Small Space – Great way to Show Your Collections

Running out of space to display your collections?  An Entryway can be just the place.  It sets the stage for the rest of the home. Even if you have a small home or apartment the entryway is a lovely way to be greeted everyday when you walk in the door.  A table lamp is soothing to […]

Get Organized based on Your Organizing Personality Style — Become “Organized Beautifully” for Life

There are Six Organizing Personality Styles.  Each Organizing Style has many strengths. Learn your Organizing Style and get organized in a way that you can stay organized. The Triangle Organizing Personality Style Triangle – Organizing Personality Style — Intuitively very organized. Your Organizing Style is intuitively very organized. Triangles are natural organizers, left brains thinkers, good memories, […]

How to Work with a Professional Organizer – Case Study

Case Study:  How do you begin working with a Professional Organizer?  Where do we start? Here’s a case study where the client is an artist.  Join us and I’ll take you with us every step of the way! 1.   It begins with us speaking over the phone and you sending me photos of your “problem” areas.  […]

Special Vignettes – How to Beautifully Organize Little Touches that make an Elegant Difference

  Special Vignettes — Little Touches make an Elegant Difference when Organizing your Wedding or Party. Here the Koufeta (Jordan Almonds) each have a little poem explaining their symbolism in Greek tradition. My mom, sisters and sister-in laws all helped make these.  We found just the right sized serving tray to stack them.  A very […]

Desperately Organized Closet Tip – MacGyver until the Professional Organizer Arrives

As a professional organizer I’ve seen many MacGyver systems and I happen to love Angus MacGyver ( I’m an inventor myself). Here’s one that works right after you move into your new place and want a sense of organization but cannot afford anything extra until next month. Desperate to be organized until your Professional Organizer […]

Party Tips: Make a Margarita Baja Style with Baja Bob’s Sugar Free Margarita Mix

As a professional organizer, I love to create a beautiful atmosphere when entertaining.  Using fresh fruit on your table adds a lovely ingredient to your decor.  And, I love adding a secret ingredient to anything I make, including margaritas. By adding fresh fruit to the Baja Bob’s Original Sugar-Free Margarita Mix, I only add about […]

Baja Bob Sugar-Free Margarita with Watermelon

7 Tips to Organize a Beautiful and Skinny Margarita Table

If you love the idea of hosting a margarita party, and you want to wow your friends, here are some tips to take your party to glamorous heights. 1. Make a list — every event needs a written list to keep you on track. Here’s our cocktail grocery list: Margarita Mix (Baja Bob’s has only […]