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Tips on Arranging and Organizing Artwork in a Beautiful City-View Condo

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One great thing about living in a high-rise with massive windows is those glorious views of the city.  The challenge is where to display and hang your artwork when you have limited wall space.  Here are some tips on how to easily address that organizing challenge as shown in this client’s lovely Chicago condo.  She can look out the window with that breath-taking view while sitting on her couch, enjoying her art collection.  Then, when she heads to the kitchen …

There are Six Different Organizing Personalty Styles, and most of us are combinations. This client is a “Visual” (likes to see her stuff) and “Round” (thinks outside the box) organizing personality style and likes to display her ever-expanding art collections on the walls, floor (gorgeous rugs) and even in the kitchen!

I like to feel embraced by art in every room of my home.

  • Books on low pedestals create an invitation into the open concept living room.  Great way to display art or books when there’s no room for book cases.
  • Wall art is organized and arranged with several groupings of large and smaller framed art.  We began by laying these out on the floor and moved them around until we got just the right balance.
  • Rugs are a deep color playing against the light wood flooring.  The rugs are part of her collection and we love when we can be beautiful and practical — as they warm up the room visually and physically in winter.
  • The table lamps are all imported and part of her collection.  Another practical touch as they provide the evening light in the Living Room.
  • Even the custom-made pillows are arranged in such a way that their exquisite imported fabric plays off the artwork colors and creates a relaxing vibe on the white couches.
Thalia Poulos Professional Organizer Organized Beautifully Kitchen with artwork  WP_000198

The kitchen is a great place to display your artwork. Also, see the nook which creates an elegant vignette of artifacts.  Mirror reflects expansive city views.


This pass-through kitchen shows off more artwork above the cabinets and on the walls.  Even the fruit bowl is a collectible piece of art.  Track lights can be turned on to highlight the art in the evening.

The nook at right shows more of the art collections including the mirror and brings in natural light by reflecting the windows at the opposite side of the condo.


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