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Organized Beautifully

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new – Albert Einstein

Try something new today!  It might work.

If your goal is to organize your closet, take a step at implementing a new system. The old one doesn’t work.

Create a bridge to your goal by taking small steps that guarantee you success. And, did I say guarantee?  If that doesn’t work, try another tactic that works better with how your brain works. For example — This system works for many:

Boutique this way - Organized Beautifully Professional Organizer Thalia Poulos Empty Nest (13)

  1. Get a large “donate” bin and put it just outside of your closet. Start putting things in it that you will never wear again.
  2. Guiding force — If you don’t feel wonderful, fabulous and beautiful in it; donate it. As you put clothes and shoes into the bin, remember that someone else will get great benefit out of these things that linger in your bursting closet.  Donate to a charity that resonates with your heart.
  3. Take a deep breath and feel your lungs open and see your closet create new space.  Now you can easily find things you really want to wear.  Create a lovely Boutique in your own closet and shop there with abandon!

If that doesn’t work for you, contact me and we’ll find another way!  There are many ways to achieve organized results.

When you see a little bridge like this one, what do you think?


Dry Creek Carlsbad CA On My Walk DSC00816

Some people would look at this little dry bridge as a bridge to nowhere. Others may denote it as a bridge to anywhere. Neither is wrong.

There are endless possibilities to reaching your goals.  Experiment!  There are many roads to “right”.

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