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Baja Bob Sugar-Free Margarita with Watermelon

7 Tips to Organize a Beautiful and Skinny Margarita Table

Beautiful Margarita Party Table Setting

Create a fabulous, glamorous and skinny margarita party for your friends with beautiful ingredients and a serving table over the top.

If you love the idea of hosting a margarita party, and you want to wow your friends, here are some tips to take your party to glamorous heights.

1. Make a list — every event needs a written list to keep you on track. Here’s our cocktail grocery list:

  • Margarita Mix (Baja Bob’s has only 65 calories including the tequila)
  • Tequila — the better the quality; the better your drinks will taste.
  • Ice
  • Tequila Salt
  • Fresh Strawberries, tangerines, limes

2. Use different heights and elevations when selecting your serving bowls and centerpiece. Make the cocktails themselves a visual treat to the eyes. Have a nice, clean blender on your bar or table for those who like blended margaritas. A pretty ice bucket with tongs is a must.

3. Think about what’s important to your guests – if they are all calorie-conscious respond to that. (Baja Bob’s has only 65 calories including the tequila).

4. Introduce color — in this case the fruit and the tequila bottle all added to colorful table setting. The strawberries, tangerines and limes all show beautifully in their crystal bowls.

5. Add something unique to your party that will get guests talking — we used our beautiful crystal collection. Use real glass for serving.

6. Wear a great outfit that picks up on the theme and its colors.

7. Take a deep breath; relax before you open the door for your first guest, and have a great time at your own party.

Bonus Tip: Watch this video for examples of how to present your margarita serving table!



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