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6 Revitalizing Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Six Revitalizing Bedroom Remodel Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most intimate, comforting and relaxing places in your
home. You spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so it’s important to keep it in the best
condition possible. Over time, it might start to look worn down, outdated and in need
of some repair. Here are some quick and easy bedroom remodel ideas to revitalize
your space without spending thousands of dollars on a complete bedroom remodel.

1. Cut the Clutter
One quick way to refresh your bedroom without spending a fortune is to clean out
and de-clutter the room. Remove anything that’s been stressing you out in the closet
or looking out of place in the room. It’s time to update your bedroom, and what better
way to do so than to remove all of those old trinkets and pieces of paper that have
been piling up for years?
Get a big black garbage bag — maybe two or three, depending on the extent of clutter
— and start filling them with items to go to secondhand stores or the trash can. Your
closet and bedroom will feel renewed by the time you’re done, and so will you.

Reduce Clutter


2. Remodel Your Bedroom by Changing Out the Bedding
Your bedroom linens are a defining part of how your room feels when you go to relax
at night. If you’ve been looking at the same comforter for years — the one with holes,
fraying ends and such — it’s probably time to consider a replacement. So why not
invest in new bedding?
Look at different prints, designs, and styles that fit your personality or that of you and
your spouse. It’s easy to find a cover that’s affordable and comfortable; then you can
get matching sheets and shams.

3. Update the Windows for Your Bedroom Remodel
Although this is one of the more arduous bedroom remodel ideas, your bedroom
windows could probably use a little TLC. They bring in much-needed sunlight during
the day to add that touch of natural comfort, and at night they provide the perfect landscape for romance.

Especially if you have a home in Denver or another sunny city, windows can add an entirely new feel to your bedroom.

If they’re grungy, outdated or in serious need of repair, then you’re probably spending more time with
them closed and covered than open.
So give your windows an upgrade by hiring a window cleaning service for around
$200. Then change out the window treatments with some new curtains, blinds, shades
— whichever type fits your budget and the design of your room. They’ll look as good
as new. Alternatively, hire a professional contractor to give your room a more
complete makeover.

4. Add Some Natural Elements to Your Bedroom
Consider adding houseplants to your bedroom to add an eco-friendly bedroom
remodel idea. It doesn’t have to become a jungle of standing plants and boxed plants
on the windowsill. Just find a few plants that are easy to maintain and that will
complement the decor of your bedroom.
You could have one standing plant against the corner, near the window, for the right
amount of sunlight. Then you might have another plant on the nightstand or in the
windowsill, depending on your design. It adds that extra touch of the outdoors to your
room without the need to worry about pests or caring for a lot of indoor plants.

5. Use Reclaimed and Recycled Materials in Your Bedroom Remodel
There are plenty of inexpensive, reclaimed materials out there — and they’re a great
green alternative to newer, more expensive bedroom decor. Use reclaimed lumber to
create headboards, nightstands, boudoirs, and trunks in your bedroom.
There’s also the possibility of finding secondhand, reclaimed materials and fashioning
them into wall decor. If you need help creating some of these items, consult a
carpenter who might know where to find the best reclaimed materials. Carpenters can
also recommend storage designs for your bedroom decor.

6. Repaint Your Walls in Neutral Shades
If your bedroom walls are looking particularly scratched, cracked, dated or boring, it
may be time to coat them in a new layer of paint. Most homeowners should probably go with neutral paint colors.

It helps with simplicity, comfort and the sale of your home down the road.

You can more easily match other decor, linens and accessories to neutral tones than
bright colors. The cost to paint a home interior wall averages between $950 and
$2,500 if you have it done professionally. With the right tools and prep work,
however, you can probably repaint your bedroom over a weekend yourself.

Originally published on Redfin and reprinted with permission. Thank you, Redfin!

6 Revitalizing Bedroom Remodel Ideas



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