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Party Tips: Make a Margarita Baja Style with Baja Bob’s Sugar Free Margarita Mix

As a professional organizer, I love to create a beautiful atmosphere when entertaining.  Using fresh fruit on your table adds a lovely ingredient to your decor.  And, I love adding a secret ingredient to anything I make, including margaritas. By adding fresh fruit to the Baja Bob’s Original Sugar-Free Margarita Mix, I only add about […]

Baja Bob Sugar-Free Margarita with Watermelon

7 Tips to Organize a Beautiful and Skinny Margarita Table

If you love the idea of hosting a margarita party, and you want to wow your friends, here are some tips to take your party to glamorous heights. 1. Make a list — every event needs a written list to keep you on track. Here’s our cocktail grocery list: Margarita Mix (Baja Bob’s has only […]

Why Everyone Needs a Personal Sanctuary in their Home

My Personal Sanctuary has good light, beautiful artwork and a side table that begs for a teapot containing my favorite herbal tea. Personal Sanctuary When I organize a client I help them determine where they want to carve out a space in their home destined to be their Personal Sanctuary.  Where they can go to […]